Executive Board Position Descriptions


The President shall chair the Executive Board, preside at all meetings, call special meetings, and act as an ex-officio (nonvoting) member of all committees. He/she is authorized to sign checks (with the Treasurer). The President is a member of the Coordination Council, a district-wide PTO/PTA organization. The President can ask for, but not make, a motion, and votes in a meeting only in the event of a tie. The President shall maintain all official records of the PTO in collaboration with the Secretary. Attend all PTO meetings and Coordination Council Meetings as necessary to inform THS PTO/School. If this is not possible, then the President must organize a replacement. President will maintain a positive working relationship with the Chair and members, provide regular updates to staff and members regarding important issues related to the work of school/PTO operations. Provide information regarding priorities and events, needs and information to all necessary groups and individuals. President is responsible for paying all necessary dues for PTO membership each year and verifying that all elected, appointed and voting members have paid current yearly dues. In conjunction with the VP and Treasurer the President oversees all spending, the creation of an annual budget and is responsible for review of all PTO financed event financial outcomes.

Vice President:

The Vice President performs the duties of the President in his/her absence and will succeed the President in the event he/she is unable to complete the term of office. The Vice President oversees the PTO fundraising projects and committees in the areas of PTO sponsored fundraising. They are responsible for sponsored assemblies, special students body activities, membership drive and directory. They assist the treasurer in developing a budget for the current year.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping all minutes of all meetings and attends to all PTO business correspondence; Assists in writing the agenda or other necessary meeting preparations when requested by the President. Has minutes and agenda translated as needed. Copies, distributes and archives all necessary organization documents. Secretary may assist the VP with various correspondence, communications and documents, meeting preparation as needed. Minutes are made available upon PTO General Board approval to all members and posted on the web site in a timely manner.


The Treasurer receives and gives receipts for monies due and payable to the PTO from all sources. The treasurer is responsible for deposits, development of the budget in conjunction with the Vice President. The officer is responsible for all record keeping with the banking institution and government authorities, including settling up necessary accounts and keeping the bank informed of signatory changes, tax forms, coordinating with the auditor and annual tax filings. Officer is required to make monthly reports on all moneys received, disbursed and on hand.


The Parliamentarian oversees the election of officers for the following school year. She/he monitors all meetings to ensure that business is conducted in congruence with Robert’s Rules of Order and the by-laws of this PTO. The parliamentarian can make motions, advocate a position on an item of business or vote in any meeting. At any time Parliamentarian has the floor, his/her duties shall temporarily pass to the presiding officer or designated presiding officer at the presiding officer’s discretion. In the event the Secretary is absent from any meeting, the Parliamentarian shall keep the minutes of the meeting.


The Auditor is responsible for the annual review the PTO accounting practices and verification that they are in compliance with the PTO by-laws and state and federal tax laws. Check on a regular basis to verify that approved that PTO procedures are being followed. At least annually, or more frequently if requested, review the canceled checks, bank deposits, and bank transfers, review the reconciliation of the bank; submit a report to the board of the standing of each account and any discrepancies. Auditor works with the Treasurer and President.