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Principal's Message

Dear Tustin High Community,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! We are extremely excited about this year, and the opportunity it presents. Not only will we work to establish the legacy for the next century of Tillers, but we will also continue to build on the traditions and spirit of the former century of Tillers. This will be our 101st graduating class, and they will be joined by the other classes of students to make this a special year. I am so grateful to serve in a school where diversity, excellence, acceptance and determination are all core to what we are striving to become as Tillers. The Tustin High School vision and mission describe the essence of our focus, and is as relevant now as when it was written.

Vision: To prepare confident graduates for the demands and opportunities of the future by providing differentiated, relevant and rigorous curricula utilizing 21st century strategies and technology.

Mission: To serve our students with the understanding that diversity of gender, physical and mental ability, culture and background is a strength to be respected by providing a diversified and rigorous curriculum; students will achieve 21st century core competencies and develop skills necessary to ensure college and career success.

I am grateful to serve in a school where the above focus is articulated, and participating members are committed to making these words a reality. It is worth acknowledging four important themes emanating from the vision/mission statements: First, valuing diversity extends beyond tolerance. It suggests a full embrace of differences in order to expand our influence and effectiveness in an ever-changing world. Secondly, engaging students in rigorous learning experiences is critical for maximizing student growth. Additionally, developing measurable competencies communicates that our students are not just learning information, but more importantly, skills required to take advantage of 21st century learning and vocational opportunities. The skill emphasis includes the use of technology, which is an essential aspect of our professional and personal lives. Finally, preparing students for the future is the purpose behind all our efforts. We want students to have a dynamic high school experience. However, we want students to know they are prepared for life beyond high school so that they can take full advantage of opportunities they decide to passionately pursue.

In the 101 year history of Tustin High School, there have been some impressive Tillers. However, our focus this year is you and your learning. We want you to feel connected and moving towards the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. We will learn a lot, establish some new friendships, and make some awesome memories together. 

Go Tillers!

Dr. Jon Tuin 

Tustin High School Principal