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The Counseling Center

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At Tustin High School, our counselors work hard to ensure that students are on track for TUSD graduation and A-G eligible for college preparedness and acceptances.

TUSD Requirements

All students must pass at total of 230 credits in each subject area to receive a TUSD diploma. Starting with the class of 2017, students will no longer be required to take Geography or an Applied Arts course.

Credit Requirements
40 - English
20 - Math (Must have Algebra and Geometry)
30 - Science
30 - Social Science (World History/US History/Government/Economics
20 - Foreign Language OR Visual Performing Art
20 - Physical Education
70 - Electives
230 - TOTAL

For information regarding courses offered in the TUSD school district, please refer to the TUSD Course Catalog.

High School Graduation & A-G